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Ronaldo is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Political Science and Development Studies at McGill University in Canada. Previously, he obtained a bachelor's degree in International Relations at WSB University in Poland. Earlier, he also pursued studies in pedagogy and early childhood education at BHCC in Boston, USA, and environmental management at SENA Colombia. A former grantee of the CCIP scholarship by the U.S. Department of State, he also received the 'Excellence in Education' scholarship by the European Union, and was a McCall McBain Finalist Award recipient for graduate studies at McGill. His passion for volunteering and youth social mobilization led him to become part of Barranquilla+20’s beginnings in 2011 as a student and community leader. He is passionate about social and community development, and is interested in inequality, development, and sustainability research. Currently, he supports Barranquilla+20 in public relations duties, manages and drafts project proposals, and co-coordinates ongoing projects.

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