climate change


Diploma Course in Territorial Climate Change Management in Nariño


Our team was consolidating the design of the Diploma in Territorial Climate Change Management in Nariño, an innovative initiative in Colombia that supported 70 territorial actors on the formulation of PIGCCT Nariño action plan.

Colombian Atlantic for the SDGs


The laboratory of active citizenship for participation and advocacy in the Sustainable Development Goals is an initiative organized by Barranquilla+20. It aims for young people to play a key role in the construction and co-creation of initiatives framed in the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda in order to strengthen the mechanisms of citizen participation and provide the necessary tools to propose significant and transformative changes in the city of Barranquilla. The implementation of this project was based on the development of two phases that were conceived from its formulation: four sessions of online talks and a face-to-face event.


For more than 10 years, we have dedicated ourselves to building and working hand in hand with the communities for the protection of our ecosystems.

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